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  • £77.00 per week SEO & Social Media!

  • Google Search Console managed!

  • 100% Guaranteed Google improvement!

  • Weekly Facebook and Instagram posts!

  • 10-15 Keywords at the top of Google!

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(SEO and Social campaign for Alma de Cuba)

Clean-up & Optimise

Regular Content

Transparency & Trust

We will ensure each and every page on your website is optimised. No dodgy links in place and work to Google Search Console rules.

Working with you, each week and month we will publish new content and notify Google of it. Your website becomes more popular on Google as a result.

We’ll keep your website up to date, regularly check Google Search Console, and send you reports detailing our progress.

Our approach to successful and inexpensive Liverpool SEO

We specialise in working with businesses in and around Liverpool, offering inexpensive SEO. Each SEO campaign we manage delivers top rankings on Google, exceptional ROI for our customers and ultimately makes our customers MORE MONEY. Below are the 3 main steps we take for each SEO campaign we manage.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Social Media Marketing


local SEO campaigns that result in improved organic positions and generate more leads from prospective local customers

Get found by local customers in your local area looking for exactly what you provide. Each week we will post about your business on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We can setup, manage and run your PPC campaign utilising Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Better ROI. Decreased CPC. Improved CPA.

We provide the following PPC, Social Media and SEO services in Liverpool

The bottom line is this; your website needs to generate more visitors to help increase your business revenue. Below are the 3 areas that we specialise in. Our £77 per week SEO, which is £11 per day, will get your website found for between 10 and 15 keywords, post on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, while should you require, run a small Google AdWords campaign that will immediately generate calls and enquiries.

  • £77 per week SEO (£11 per day!)

  • Regular website posts that keep Google updated

  • 10-15 keywords found at the TOP end of Google

  • Weekly Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts


  • 100% Guaranteed Google improvements

SEO Research and understanding

First thing’s first, it is important for us to know your business, your market and of course your target customers.At this early stage we need to understand what keywords customers are searching and why, and understand seasonal or product trends possibly related to your industry. On top of this any legalities that we must adhere to, such as website or social media copy that needs to be included.

On Page SEO

Once we have updated the content on your site we’ll then focus on the technical SEO aspect, this includes semantic updates, xml sitemaps, crunching images, backlink clean up plus over 100 other technical SEO aspects.This job is never complete however and any competent SEO will constantly monitor and fine-tune on a monthly basis ensuring your site is as optimised as it can be. Generally this is referring to as Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO for short.

Once we have determined what keywords to target, we’ll then optimise your website around them. This typically involves re-writing copy ensuring that the keywords we have placed in to target, flow properly when your customers are on your site.

All too often we see websites that are clearly keyword stuffing and this is something that will be avoided.

Content update

Website user experience

Strategies and milestones

Social Media Promotion

The end user is the lifeline to your business, so ensuring your website works in their eyes is the most important job we’ll do. This is also part of our monthly CRO work and generally everything on your website should be geared up towards better engagement with your end user.

Videos, reviews, social media integration, safe payment gateways, these are just 4 ingredients that need to go into maximising the time spent on site by a new customer to ultimately turn them into a website lead.

As early as our first meeting we’ll decide on realistic milestones to be put in place. This could be 10, 20, 30 keywords to be in the top 10 on Google.co.uk, it could be a lower CPA if we are managing an Adwords campaign.Following all initial work we’ll agree with you the milestones we’ll look to achieve over the agreed period of time.

Gone are the days when organic promotion was just enough, and depending on your industry your target customers could spend as much time searching Facebook as they do Google.Our in-house team will engage with your customers on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Linkedin. On top of this we are also able to setup and manage paid social campaigns.


You’ve likely turned to us because your websites organic rankings aren’t all that, so while we are working on that why not put a small budget aside to generate immediate traffic via Google Adwords and possibly paid Facebook / Instagram?

Any PPC campaign, providing researched properly and setup / managed correctly will pay for itself and some and mean your website is generating income prior to organic rankings vastly improving.

247 Reporting

We believe in complete transparency and as a client of ours you can login morning, noon or night to see exactly what is being done and the results achieved. Watch a short video.

Keyword positions, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, Youtube – everything we do is visible in real-time within our reporting portal.

Latest from our SEO blog

Below is the latest industry news. Posts are written in house and also taken from trusted sources such as Moz and Search Engine Journal.